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The purpose of the Paralegal of the Year Committee is "to facilitate the selection of MTPA's Paralegal of the Year Award recipient, which is awarded annually."

The Chair of the Paralegal of the Year Committee shall be responsible for publishing a statement for Solicitation of Nominations to the MTPA members and to other appropriate entities and/or individuals. The Chair will establish a deadline by which all nomination forms must be submitted to the Chair and such deadline will be clearly reflected in the Solicitation of Nominations.

The Solicitation for Nominations shall request nominations in the following format:

• Nominations must be made on the form provided, explaining why the nominee should be chosen as MTPA's Paralegal of the Year recipient.
• All information regarding the identity of the nominee shall be listed at the first page of the nomination form, including full name, address, and telephone number of the nominee. No identifying information shall be contained in any additional pages of the nomination. This includes the identity of the nominee or any employing entity.
• Nominations shall not include supporting recommendation letters or statements from various individuals.
• Nominee must be a current Voting member of MTPA.

Nominations that do not meet the foregoing requirements will not be submitted to the selection committee judges for consideration.

The Solicitation for Nominations shall also reference that the volunteer selection committee, will consider the following in making their decision:

• Community Activities
• General Educational History and Work Experience
• Involvement in Professional Organizations
• Professional & volunteer awards, appointments, offices, etc.
• Any other applicable activity or honor brought to the attention of the Volunteer Selection Committee.

The Committee Chair will select five judges to participate on the selection committee. The Committee Chair will contact each judge in writing and request their participation on the selection Committee. Judges eligible to serve on the selection committee are any individuals who are either attorneys, paralegals or former paralegals, or involved in paralegal education, provided they have no conflict with MTPA. If the judge agrees to serve on the volunteer selection committee, the committee chair should provide them with a copy of that year's Solicitation of Nomination Form.

Procedures For Processing Nomination Forms:

1. After nomination forms are received, they should be reviewed carefully to ensure that they are in the appropriate format and that they contain no identifying information. Any identifying information should be redacted by the Nominations Coordinator prior to submission to the selection committee.

2. If one nominee receives more than one nomination, all nominations will be submitted under separate designation to the selection committee without indication to the selection committee that they are the same individual.

3. Each nomination form should be assigned a letter or number designation in successive order. A nomination form's designation (letter or number) should be indicated on each page of each nomination.

4. The nomination forms are then submitted to the individual judges on the selection committee along with a ballot form. The judge are given a set number of days to review the nominations and indicates their choice on the ballot form by assigning a point value to each nominee. The ballot forms should then be returned to the Nomination Coordinator.

5. After all ballot forms are returned, the Nomination Coordinator will then tally points for each nominee. The nominee with the most points is determined to be the award recipient and the Nomination Coordinator will contact the engraver with the recipient's name. If a tie is determined, the nomination forms with the same point value will be resubmitted to the judges with a new ballot form.

6. The Nomination Coordinator may, at his/her discretion, contact the employer or family of the award recipient prior to the award ceremony. The Nomination Coordinator will keep the identity of the recipient in complete confidence until the recipient is revealed at the awards banquet. The Nomination Coordinator is responsible for announcing the award recipient at the awards banquet.

Eligibility for Paralegal of the Year Nomination Coordinator Appointment:

To avoid any potential conflict, the Nomination Coordinator shall be a former recipient of the Paralegal of the Year Award. The Board of Directors shall confirm the Nomination Coordinator appointment.


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